28 January 2018
Client Jason at Surge's Hammersmith EMS fitness gym.

Jason joined us back in October of 2017 and has been an EMS fanatic since he joined. Check out his story on how Surge has helped him reduce his overall body fat percentage levels and increased his muscle mass – in just 20 minutes a week!

“I just turned 47 years old. I am someone who travels quite a bit with work but when I’m in the UK I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week.  Half the time it’s with a personal trainer as I am not the most motivated person, but when I am there I work pretty hard! Being closer to 50 than 40 means staying in shape is not getting any easier, and I felt like I had plateaued regarding my physique.

“I discovered Surge in early October and it’s fair to say that in the last 16 sessions I have seen a huge difference. I’m much more toned and I get a significantly more prominent pump when I’m weight training in the gym. It’s hard work but it’s only 20 mins a week, which I fit in around my work schedule when I would usually struggle to get a full hour workout into my day. So not only is it effective but it’s convenient on those days when time is an issue.

“The results for me personally have been really pleasing. My muscles are much harder, and when I’m working out normally, I get pumped up in half the time. On top of that, my body fat levels have reduced and my lean muscle mass is up. Also, the team are great, friendly and motivational, plus I love the music (always a bonus) and it takes your mind off the pain! Highly recommended, especially if you have plateaued this will be the thing to get you on to the next stage of your fitness goals.”


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