What is EMS?

EMS – or Electric Muscle Stimulation –  is a tried and tested method of using electrical impulses to activate muscles that you might not normally engage. Here at Surge in London we’re using the technology to create a more effective and results-driven workout.

How does EMS work?

EMS training is an active workout that utilises technology to amplify the signals that the brain sends to the muscles to make them contract. Amongst others, EMS activates muscle fibres you can’t even feel or control in conjunction with the exercises, making the tissue work harder and more effectively. This means your workout will be more intense – and deliver real results in less time than ever before.

Who can do it?

EMS training is suitable for nearly everyone – in fact a form of EMS is commonly used by elite athletes to add another layer to their training regime, while the medical industry has used EMS for years to aid muscle rehabilitation after injury. Of course, like any form of exercise, if you have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your doctor before embarking on any new exercise routine, including EMS.

Some Key Facts

  • Electric Muscle Stimulation has been proven to be a safe fitness training aid for many years
  • EMS is suitable for almost anyone aged 18-80+
  • EMS provides a total body workout tailored to your ability and fitness goals
  • EMS training can dramatically shorten the time it would take to reach your goals using traditional gyms 
  • Because you’re not bearing any additional weight, EMS stimulus doesn’t place high pressure on your joints and is suitable for people with back pain

About EMS

4 Simple Steps to EMS Training:

I love working out but the fact that I can get the same result in just one day a week is an instant ROI for me as I can use the time for my other hobbies and social life.

I am now 6 months into my Surge training and can honestly say this was one of my best investments to date.

Maksym | EMS convert #GETTHEURGE

How Can You Benefit

Our equipment is made by miha bodytec, world leaders in EMS technology development, and meets the highest quality and safety standards. They’re designed for maximum efficacy and our personal trainers will be there to guide you every step of the way. During each session, you will also wear a Surge undergarment for your comfort.


Your Questions Answered

What is EMS?

EMS – Electric Muscle Stimulation – is a highly effective totally body workout, that only requires 20 minutes of training, once a week. The combination of deliberate muscle tension and stimulus via a safe, low-frequency pulse of electrical current ensures you will experience total body training.

How does EMS feel?

You will be working hard during your session, but the experience will not be painful or uncomfortable in any way.  Our trainers will be on hand to reassure you and coach you during the session.

Is EMS Safe?

The current strength used is in the low milliampere range so it is not dangerous for humans. Our training principles are fundamentally orientated towards the general principles of strength training – your session will be at an intensity that meets your needs.

What Machines Do You Use?

We use state-of-the-art devices from miha bodytec (the world leaders in EMS equipment) that meet the highest quality and safety standards. They’re designed for maximum efficacy and our personal trainers will be there to assist you in using the machine, every step of the way.

Why Is It So Effective?

EMS is more effective than regular exercise because the external stimulus activates more muscle fibres than you would engage in a traditional work out, and all the major muscle groups at the same time. It also can be performed without placing a high level of stress on your joints.

Can I continue my normal fitness routine?

Yes, EMS can be used alongside your normal cardio workout – your Surge trainers will be able to advise if you have any specific queries.

Who is EMS suitable for?

EMS is a great way of toning and shaping for everyone aged 18 and up and in good general health. If you have any specific ailments, we advise you to speak to your healthcare provider or one of the friendly Surge team before booking. EMS is suitable for those with back pain as no additional weight is placed on your joints.

Sorry, EMS is not suitable for pregnant women, however, postpartum, it’s a great way to tone up.

Who will benefit the most from EMS training?

Everyone sees results from committing to a structured EMS training plan! It's especially good for people with back or joint pain as very little pressure is applied. For women, there’s no need to fear huge muscle gains – the focus is on body shaping.

What do I need to bring to my Surge EMS session?

Just bring yourself. We'll provide you with all the training equipment you need, an undergarment and a towel. There will always be water available to keep you hydrated before and after your session.

How long will my Surge EMS session take?

You’ll need to allow around 30-35 minutes for each workout. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your booking time to check in, put on your training garments and the EMS kit. The workout itself lasts for 20 minutes.

Please note: unfortunately, we can’t allow latecomers to take part, as all machines start at the same time. In the event you’re running late, please speak to reception about rebooking your session. If there’s any space in upcoming sessions, we’ll happily let you take the next available spot.

Why am I doing the same exercises as the person next to me but we have different goals?

You do the same exercises as someone else but with a different focus and different results. When it comes to EMS training, the personal trainer controls the intensity of the session through the device. During every session, our trainers will adjust the intensity settings to match your goals, and use that to help trainers guide future workouts.

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