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Whether you’ve got your sights set on running a marathon, want to get rid of back pain, or simply want to tone up for a holiday, Surge EMS training in London will work for you.

Providing A Personal Service To Every Client

The Surge approach tailors our fitness training and settings to each and every member.

When you book your free trial session, one of our expert EMS personal trainers in London will be assigned to you. Their first job will be to get to know you and understand your needs and fitness goals. 

Using this information, they will profile at the right EMS training level for you that will evolve with you as your training progresses. You’ll be monitored during each personal training session to ensure you’re always on track to meet your goals and the intensity is relevant to you.

The InBody™ Body Analysis Scan

All Surge members begin with a complete body analysis. The measurements used provide a clear overview and are easy to evaluate when it comes to analysing your strengths and the areas we need to focus on. Your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and metabolism are evaluated and the results will be discussed during your consultation with your personal trainer.

Using this information we can confirm your current physical condition and discuss how training will allow you to reach your personal fitness goals. 

I discovered the Surge studio in London in early October 2016 and it’s fair to say that in the last 16 sessions I have seen a huge difference. I’m much more toned and I get a significantly more prominent pump when I’m weight training in the gym. It’s hard work but it’s only 20 mins - I have added one day a week, which I fit it in around my work schedule, when I would usually struggle to get a full hour workout into my day. So not only is it effective but it’s convenient on those days when time is an issue.


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