Angela's Surge Fitness Journey

I had quite fancied the idea of surge as an extra to my Gym outings each week, as I tend to do more Cardio there.

I had also read about all the advantages of EMS and felt that as an older woman (49!!!!)  this would benefit me greatly rather than lifting heavy weights at the gym for a substantially longer period of time than 20 minutes once a week,  in order to get the same results.

I have not been disappointed at all by my results.

I initially had a 3 month package and as soon as that was finished I purchased another 12 months.

The inch loss and the toning to my body all round is quite clear, with friends and colleagues making comments. Another major plus is that my body fat has reduced quite significantly, which can only be a good thing.

I really have seen great results in quite a short period of time.

Another excellent thing, is that you do not have to take gym kit, or even a bag as all this is supplied to you when you get there, including shampoos, etc, so you really can just pop in at lunch time, exercise, feel great and still have time for a bite to eat!

Coupled with the fact that the whole Surge team are great, I really can't recommend Surge enough.

(Just don't do it with a hangover! LOL, as I know from personal experience!.... )

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