Maksym's Surge Story

Maksym joined Surge with one goal in mind: to work out effectively and efficiently. His busy lifestyle didn't allow for multiple weekly gym visits so Surge's offering of 20-minute weekly sessions was ideal for Maksym. He is now 6 months into his Surge journey and we think his words speak volumes on the results he has achieved to date.

"My name is Maksym and I am an amateur polo player as well as founder of London Polo School. Polo is a very intense sport requiring entire body strength and high endurance. Before joining Surge I used to train 5 times a week, attending classes in the gym or following home workout routines. I consider myself a very active and fit person, but after my first session I felt like I was hit by a truck for a few days, which made me realise that it was the real deal and works your entire body pretty hard! 

I love working out but the fact that I can get the same result in just one day a week is an instant ROI for me as I can use the time for my other hobbies and social life. I am now 6 months into my Surge training and can honestly say this was one of my best investments to date"

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