Could getting electric muscle stimulation be a more effective way to work out?

"EMS forced me to work on everything. My poor triceps have never experienced anything like it."

Electrical Muscle Stimulation: What Is It And How Does It Work?

"It’s incredibly convenient as you don’t need any kit - you’re given extremely fetching black stretchy leggings, a top and socks to wear under the wired-up suit - and 20 minutes is easy to fit into your daily routine."

Join the New Power Circuit; Fitness the Latest Classes Use Electric Pulses to Tone Muscles and It Only Takes 20 Minutes a Week

"Its disciples are on to something: an EMS session is said to recruit up to 98 per cent of muscles, compared to the usual 50 per cent in a normal workout, and to burn up to 500 calories a session. Best of all, though, a 20-minute EMS session can reputedly deliver the equivalent of 90 minutes of high-intensity interval training."

Too busy to exercise: Three great ways to get fit quick

"After three EMS workouts, my lazy glutes had been coaxed into firing again and my core muscles felt stronger. I liked the idea of EMS and how quickly it promised to work."

The new fad in personal training involves strapping on a suit and being electrocuted while you exercise - but does it work?

"After the session, buoyant on the endorphins you've just released, you can return to your day, and even go back to work without feeling physically drained."

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